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Breeders Bootcamp 31st of August and 1st of September 2013
This is an inspiring weekend of learning and hands-on breeding techniques!
Over the weekend you will learn about stallion and mare conformation, hygiene and handling
for breeding, plus techniques in stallion collection, artificial insemination, and much more.
Breeders Bootcamp 2013



Saltriver Equine Reproduction Centre  is proud to offer a Fully Functional Advanced Equine Reproduction Centre. Complete with temperature controlled Laboratory and treatment, insemination area. Full services of Natural Breeding, artificial insemination and embryo transfer by Qualified AI Technicians and Perths most succesful advanced equine reproduction specialist DR Fiona Lacey BVSc BVMS.

In 2011 Saltriver Equine Reproduction Centre were fortunate enough to have Dr Patrick Brogan BVSc (HONS)MACVSc (repro) as our attending vet as we knew Patrick was heading to Utrecht at the completion of the 2011 stud season we had to learn and implement his procedures as to entail being able to offer the same service for embryo transfer in horses in 2012.

For the 2012 stud season we could offer Equine Embryo Transfer by using Dr Patrick Brogans techiniques with Dr Fiona Lacey.

Saltrivers stallion collection station will see some of WA’S best performed and best pedigreed horses standing here in the flesh or via cooled and frozen semen.
World wide we have access to some of the best performance horses via frozen semen.
During 2012 Stud season. DR Fiona Lacey BVSc BVMS provided reproductive services Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

The experienced team at Saltriver Equine Reproduction will offer breeding on site with Natural cover, cooled semen and Equine Embryo transfer for on and off farm mares, Saltriver will be offering a recipient mare provider service we have a herd of recipients for the recieval of Cooled shipped Embryos! Or we can manage your mare right through out the whole process of embryo transfer for horses.



Stallion Collection Station 
See which quality performance stallions are standing at the Saltriver Equine Reproduction Centre
Equine Embryo Transfer
Equine Embryo Transfer
Available for on and off farm mares, including a recipient mare provider service.